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Kim Seokjin is a little cutie
Min Yoongi is Mighty
Jung Hoseok is too much
Kim Namjoon is everything
Park Jimin is a little shit
Kim Taehyung is in four dimensions Jeon Jungkook is golden

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    진 suga j-hope rapmonster 지민 v 정국

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    fyhobeom is looking for one translator to come in as a moderator in order to translate Hobeom’s tweets for us. Hobeom tweets very infrequently (twice in one week would be a busy week) and you wouldn’t be expected to translate as soon as they are posted, but we thought it would be nice for ARMYs to know what he’s saying. 

     - Must be fluent enough in both English and Korean to feel confident translating tweets such as these
    - Must have access to twitter (no account required, but you need to be able to see the tweets)
     - Must have a tumblr account

    If you are interested in the position please message us here. The position will be open until someone suitable is found

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    Bangtan’s dæmons

    Seokjin - clouded leopard

    Yoongi - scarlet king snake

    Hoseok - yellow mongoose

    Namjoon - radiated tortoise

    Jimin - pug

    Taehyung - dumbo octopus

    Jungkook - lion cub


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    hoseokshit replied to your post: THIS WAS A SUBMISISON IDK WHAT HAPPENE…

    lol I think that poster went a little too far as to say he’s going to ruin bangtan’s image….

    hanbiyeol replied to your post: THIS WAS A SUBMISISON IDK WHAT HAPPENE…

    This was very exaggerated from this person to say that Rapmon ruined the band’s image.

    Well I think it depends on what kind of scale we’re talking about. I doubt that Namjoon’s fuck ups would ruin Bangtan’s image overall simply because he’s by no means the first kpop idol to say or do racist things and these things don’t seem to have much of an impact on the idol’s overall popularity.

    But if we’re talking on a person to person basis then yeah he has ruined the group’s image for some people. I’ve encountered people on tumblr who don’t feel able to deal with Bangtan because they dislike Namjoon’s actions so very much and the more times he fucks up the more people he’s going to alienate 

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    my friend sent me this but I actually find it a little mean cuz monnie is a good leader D;


    Wow ok this is gonna take some commentary. Before I start I’ll just say that I really don’t think that anyone but Namjoon would have been a suitable leader for Bangtan but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think the poster has some valid points. 

    First up, yes Namjoon is problematic and he has definitely done some problematic things in his musical career. I’m not entirely sure where the other two instances of him saying the n word have come from (though I know he’s been associated with artists and tracks that have used it predebut I don’t recall him actually using it in any of them) as I can only remember him saying it on that Show Champion episode so if anyone could point me at the other uses that would be really great! I spoke about the Shoe Champion episode quite a lot when it happened but just to reiterate: I 100% do not think that he should have used the word but I also have no idea how much say he had in its use so whilst I’m disappointed I don’t really know how disappointed I should be in him for that.

    I would say that Namjoon’s ‘talking like a black person’ thing is FAR more obviously problematic, but seeing as he did it once and then didn’t bring it up again (of his own accord) I got the impression that someone had said something about it to him, certainly when Shindong asked him to do it on Beatles Code he made as small a deal out of it as possible BUT he did still go ahead and do it which is frustrating. I really really REALLY don’t think he should have done it in the first place, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY think he should have issued a proper apology for it but I’m not entirely sure how easy it would have been for him to refuse to do it on Beatles Code. Annoyingly Bangtan would probably have received a far greater backlash if he’d refused Shindong’s request than what’s happened in lieu of him repeating his ‘talking black’ performance because there’s a high chance of it being interpreted as Namjoon disrespecting his elders and those kinds of accusations rarely end well for idols. As I said, the whole thing could have been handled better and shouldn’t have been repeated but Namjoon’s behavior since the first incident make me think that he’s worked out why it was wrong in the first place. 

    The point that I’m trying to make here, ultimately, is that there are legitimate reasons for finding Namjoon problematic and whilst I personally feel that the pressure on idols to play along with the industry has likely had a considerable impact on the way that his fuck ups have played out I can completely understand if people find him too problematic to stan. At the end of the day we all have to make our own decisions about how much shit we are willing to tolerate, I hope that I manage to support Namjoon whilst not dismissing or excusing these problems that keep occurring with regards to race. 

    As to whether Namjoon should be leader: yes it’s true that the way the leader behaves has a massive impact on how the group is perceived, but being the leader is ultimately about how well you can hold the group together and put yourself forward as the group’s united front. I think that Namjoon’s maturity and creative impact on the group are the important determining factors in Big Hit’s decision to make him leader along with the fact that the group was pretty much built around him so having any of the other members as leader seems rather silly to me.What’s more, leaders like G Dragon and Zico are so often heralded as being great leaders but they have track records as problematic if not more so than Namjoon’s.

    In all honestly kpop as a whole has a poor history when it comes to race relations from openly mocking black people to cultural appropriation of music and fashion and much as Namjoon has done some very obviously problematic things I personally don’t think it’s fair to say that they are bad enough to warrant calling him a bad leader in that environment when he does so well as a leader in so many other aspects of what is quite a complex roll when done well. I want him to stop, I don’t ever want to write a post about how I’m really disappointed with something racist that he’s done or said again but personally, I’m going to have to disagree with the original poster. I think Namjoon is a fantastic leader and a very talented young man who’s going places.

    urgh sorry I feel like this was kind of all over the place but I hope this was something of a decent response :S If people want to talk more about any of this I would prefer that you do so off anon only everything that I’ve covered here is old news and I don’t want to spend too much time going back over ancient history! 

    As ever, I remind you that I am white and if you find problematic elements to any of my arguments or opinions please do let me know

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    BTS as therapists.


    Jin: oh you have low self esteem? look at my pretty face

    Rapmon: no no you don’t have to pay i already have your soul

    SUGA: *breathes* 500$ thanks

    JHope: *spins on the chair while you talk about your life* WHEEEEE

    Jimin: Look. You are not ugly. I love you.

    V: Some people’s noses and feet are built backwards: their feet smell and their noses run. *picks his own nose*

    Jungkook: *punches you*  are you ok

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    post/82998436100/post-82989787455-who-on-earth-gave-you-the-idea-that-thi You're like an old married couple, seriously xD It's like the only thing left for both of you is getting on each other's nerves, the usual in marriage~

    We don’t JUST annoy each other we also take cute selcas together and I make her food and she behaves like she’s five and she spends like an hour trying to tell the members of SNSD apart because I like SNSD so much and she still can’t do it AT ALL but at least she tried :P

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    You have 1634 posts as of now ^^

    WWOOOOWWW someone counted quickly!

    Now I’ve posted this ask I’ll have 1,635 though, but I’ll still have more than twice as many followers as posts :P

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    I’ve missed drawing these two

    -Admin Frida

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